Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday May 30, 2017 St. Maries, ID

1. Where do you live? Tell us a little about the town of St. Marie's and what your address is.
1. I live in St. Maries Idaho. On Main Street. The town is about 2 thousand people or so. It’s just a little place. It reminds me of Kamiah a ton. 325 S. Main Ave. #2 St. Maries Idaho 83861 is my address. Tons of logging here like Kamiah so again very similar. 

2. How's your companion Elder Horne? By the pictures we've received he looks like a pretty big kid.
2. He’s amazing. He is from Farmington, Utah. And yeah I’m just small and he’s tall so I think it’s mostly because I’m not a big person. 

3. Looks like you've been busy helping this week at the Red Barn Thrift Store in which you get to wear some pretty sweet overalls! Tell us all about that! Is this just for service or more of an actual assignment?
3. Yeah so that’s just a regular service thing we do. The ladies there love us! The lady that sends the pics is Dina and she is hilarious so don’t be weirded out if she makes jokes over text with you. So, the overalls are a tradition the missionaries do there. They’re our "work" clothes. They’re kinda funny. I haven't worn overalls since I was 4!

4. How's the truck? Do you drive or does your companion?
4. The truck is sweet! Cherry red and super nice. My comp drives at the moment.

5. Is your town big enough to have a Walmart? Where do you shop?
5.Nope. Just good old Harvest Foods again!

6. Please send pictures of everything!
6. I will try.

So this week has been great! Got here and started working and I have missed Idaho so much! I can’t believe I would actually say that. But I love it here. It’s so pretty and the people are so nice. Way nicer than Spokane. The weather has finally been good as well. We went out biking and I actually got a little sun burnt. That’s how good the weather was! Mostly we have been getting to know the investigators and members here this week. But this seems like a really good area and Elder Horne is awesome. He’s a really good missionary and a good kid. We’ve have a lot of fun so far. We do a lot of service here and it’s crazy how much the people in this town love the missionaries. Everybody here is nice. It’s a dream come true.

We have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday. I didn’t do much to get it but I’m happy to be here to see it through. Her name is Isabella and she’s 14 and part of a part member family. Also, we have an old lady on date for next Saturday and she is in her 80's with terminal cancer so were excited that she will be able to be baptized before she goes.

Some of the pictures I’ll send is when we drove to a town called Avery. It’s way cool. It has like 20 people in it. It’s funny. But yeah that’s my update to ya!

It’s sad to hear about Kathrynn. I did know her and I hope that things will be ok for her family and friends. Good luck to Cass with wedding stuff. I hope you had fun on your hike. I could use some more hair stuff in the near future when you get a chance the mini ones don’t last very long. Well love ya and hope you have a good week!

These first 3 pictures were sent to me from the lady at the Red Barn Thrift Store where the missionaries do service every week. In overalls:)


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