Thursday, May 4, 2017

Monday May 1, 2017 Millwood, WA


1. How was your birthday??? We saw pictures of your celebration with the Christensen's. That was very nice of them to celebrate for/with you. How was dinner? And the cake?
1. My birthday was great. The actual day not so much but celebrating with the Christensen’s was great! Dinner was amazing! I can’t believe they actually made salmon for me! The cake was actually really good. She did a great job with it. They even signed happy birthday for me.

Well this week was kinda just normal besides the birthday thing. Birthdays on a mission are just like normal days nothing to special. The Christensen’s are really awesome and take care of us so well. I love them!

So the bad news is that our investigator on date for baptism dropped us this week. She didn’t give a good reason why so we have been trying to figure things out to see if there might still be hope. We will see.

So there was nothing really noteworthy this week. This upcoming week will be way exciting! We have some general authorities coming and we are having a mission conference! Elder Holland is coming to speak to us on Saturday! Then we are having a special stake conference. So, that will be way cool. I will let you know how that goes and what I learn.

Besides that, nothing new or upcoming. I can’t believe how fast time moves. It’s already week 4 of the transfer so I hope I stay for another transfer. I feel like I have more work to do here.

Well I love you and I’ll talk to ya next week. Thanks for the updates! And for real, Brooke is that pregnant?! Wow I feel like I’ve been under a rock.   

 These are the Christensen's - such great, kind people to take care of our boy on his birthday!

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