Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Monday August 14, 2017 St. Maries, ID

Hi Mom! Doing good. 

1. Did you get your pants I ordered? Do they fit? If not, you'll have to send them to me in the bag w/ the papers.
1. Not yet. I’ll tell you when I get them.

2. I think Dad asked you, but could you clarify about all the awesome pictures you sent us last week?
2. Ok so I sent this to dad but…the antlers were my companion’s that he got and was cleaning so he could send them home. The sandwich was just our lunch one day and my comp took a pic and I don’t know why but I thought it was funny. And that’s not a dead fox. We were at an investigators house doing service and I saw a pack of coyote out the window. So you know it’s North Idaho so the investigator jumped up and grabbed his gun off the couch and went and shot one. It’s only a baby one but it was pretty cool.

3. You're less active neighbors...do they live right next door in your apartment complex? Or where?
3. Right next door.

4. Do you do anything for exercise there in your beautiful area while its nice and summery?
4. Well, we don’t have any time to do anything really that fun but we run in the morning sometimes. We went on a hike on one pday to. 

So this week kinda just felt like a normal week. It’s good to hear that you had fun in St. George and stuff. This week we worked hard and taught a couple lessons to our investigators and they’re doing good. We did a lot of service for people this week. There really isn’t too much to update on. All is going well.

Transfer calls were last night and we are both staying! So we get to be here for another 6 weeks together!

This week I’ve been studying a lot in Jesus the Christ and man I’ll tell ya, that’s quite the read. It’s got a lot of really cool stuff in it to learn.

One cool thing that happened this week was that yesterday we went and taught our investigator Jessica and she is going to stop smoking. We offered a blessing and gave it to her and she said that the words we said really touched her and gave her a lot of confirmation to her prayers. Giving blessing has always been one of my favorite things to do and I will never forget the miracles I’ve seen from it. I know that the priesthood is real. It is a very real thing that God has given us on the earth and it really can change the lives of the people who believe.

Well I love ya all. Talk to ya later!

-Elder St. John

Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday August 7, 2017 St. Maries, ID

Hey mom! It is weird that it is already August.

1. Do you know that there's a solar eclipse happening in a couple of weeks? Did you know you're in a really good location to see it? If you're not already aware I'll email you more about it next week.
1. I didn’t know about that. Yeah send me some info on it so we can plan on seeing it.

2. How many missionaries are in your district and are there any sisters?
2. Just us and a set of sisters in the Plummer branch (yes spelled like that, natives named it).

3. Catch any more mice?
3. We are up to 14 mice now. It seems like it’s slowing down.

4. Where do you do laundry in this area?
4. We do our laundry at home. We have a washer and dryer.

5. Picture requests...send pictures of the street you live on and your apartment building please!
5. Ok I’ll work on that.

Well this week was a good one. We started off with a great powerhouse of lessons on Tuesday. We taught our investigator Eric who we put on date for baptism! September 23rd is the date. But he wants to move it up sooner. So I’ll keep you updated.

Then we taught our other progressing investigator Mia. We taught her the whole plan of salvation and answered her questions and at the end we committed her to pray to know if it was true. She said, “Oh I don’t need to, I already know it’s true.” Sweet! That never happens. So that was great.

Then the rest of the week was good. Just did our usual driving and teaching and talking. You know, normal missionary stuff. Besides that, we have been working with our less active neighbors a bunch and they are so awesome they are just going through a lot of hard stuff.

I’ve really learned to love the people out here. It really makes all the difference when you truly love the people you serve. So when you have struggles and hardships that charity inside you pulls you through. President Monson gives a good talk on charity.

Well I hope you all have a good week and good luck with stuff! Love ya bye!

-Edler St. John
*These pictures come with no explanation from Elder St. John...so who knows!