Friday, January 12, 2018

Monday January 8, 2018 Pullman, WA


1. How did your training go for your phones? Give us some details on what you get to use them for and stuff like what carrier do they have you on?
And now I'm afraid that when you come home we'll have to pay extra to "unlock" your phone so you can use it at home.

1. It went well. I’ll give a better update down below and hopefully answer some of the questions you have.

2. Were your companions and you all healthy this week and able to work?

2. Yes, there is a missionary we live with that has been sick for over a week but he’s better now. We are all healthy. My secret is still the same (Simply orange juice) and this thing called emergen-c! If you haven’t seen it it’s the best thing ever and you should try it. It works miracles.

So this week was an adventure. We worked and tried our best. We started out our week with having dinner with our investigators the St. Clare’s and that was a blast. Our companion Elder Roberts definitely keeps us on our toes though. He does some funny things pretty often. We got to set up a lot of things with the people we haven't met with recently. Now that Christmas break is done things will hopefully pick up and start rolling.

On Friday, we went to mlc and got trained on our phone. It was very interesting because the company that the church goes through to order phones from their website really dropped the ball and broke a bunch of the phones in shipping so they didn’t send out a big majority of the order that our mission made. Most of the missionaries didn’t get their phones. Mostly just the ones that ordered it through someone else. So yes, I got my phone.

We watched like 4hrs of training videos that were really long and mostly just talked about how we need to stay focused on our purpose and not be distracted by the devices we have. Which is really good. I’m excited to be able to develop good habits with technology rather than the bad ones I had before. I think that’s something every teenager needs to do is to be put in an environment where they can make new good habits with phones. It will be a great blessing. We watched those videos and then they explained that we will mostly be using the phones this month to put all of our paper records into the digital area book app that they have.

The carrier is through AT&T but the thing is, is that the phone we got is already unlocked so there would be no need to unlock it when I come home. They will just give me a sim card and that would be all that needs to happen. So no worries there. If there are more questions I can ask about them. The cool thing is is that we could put a sim card in for any phone company and it would work. That’s why they needed it unlocked.

Besides that, there hasn’t been too many things we have been trained on yet. We will get the second round of training next month and that will be mostly about what we can do with it now. Like proselyting purposes. But there is a lot of freedom with it. Well that’s about all I’ve got this week.

We have Zone Conference tomorrow in Lewiston! That will be the first time I’ve been back there since I left Kamiah. Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!

-Elder St. John

 Mission Leadership Council

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Monday January 1, 2018 Pullman, WA


1. Looking back a couple of weeks - where did you get your Michael Jordan t shirt?
1. That isn’t mine - we just borrowed it from some other missionaries

2. Your pictures you sent us last week are interesting. Did you perhaps take any of you opening Christmas presents, or when you decorated your sugar cookies?
2. Maybe.

3. How has the work been this week? Are a lot of people gone for Christmas break?
3. Slow and different. Lots of people sick.

4. (We found out on Christmas Day that Elder St. John’s mission has been approved to be a “smartphone” mission. We “got” to purchase him a phone and send it to the mission office this week. Merry late Christmas Colten!)

Do you have some meeting/training this week for your phones? We're very curious to see how they have this set up for you missionaries. Give us some details, k?
4. Yes, we have mlc on Friday and we will get trained there. I’ll have to update you better next week.

Well there’s not too much to say this week either so I’m sorry if this is short. We have had lots of sick people here in Pullman. Sick companion…sick other missionaries so it’s been slow slow slow. But we still managed to find a new investigator whose name is Kelly.

This week we will meet on Friday to discuss and get trained on our new smart phones. By the way thank you so much for getting the phone thing figured out for me! You’re the best! 

Love ya! Elder St. John
New Year's Day FHE & dessert
(We're sure thankful for all the pictures we get texted to us while Elder St. John serves in this area!)

Tuesday December 26, 2017 Pullman, WA

We were able to talk with Elder St. John for about an hour on Christmas Day. He and his companions had been well taken care of. They had been somewhere in the morning for breakfast and that family gave the missionaries Legos for Christmas! They ate lunch with another family and were at yet a 3rd family for dinner and Skyping with their families. 

Colten is happy, healthy, looking great and loving being a missionary!
Christmas Eve

Monday December 18, 2017 Pullman, WA

1. We received a couple pictures this week from people. One was from some sort of Christmassy looking missionary lunch. Where were you? And it looked like maybe it was your zone and a senior missionary couple made you lunch? Fill us in.
1. Yeah, I’ve been to a lot of stuff this week. I think the first one was our district meeting and we had a senior couple feed us. It was a blast. 

2. Another picture was from Kunza's baptism! That's very exciting. Can you tell us more about her? How old is she? What is her family situation (are they members)? Who baptized her?
2. Yeah, I will fill you in down below.

3. Looks like you also had a ward party! Do you and your companion always wear matching ties? How was the party? 
3. Yes two of them! They were very fun. We like to match as much as possible. It’s kinda funny. 

4. Do you have any pictures of your Christmas set up in your apartment?
4. Ummm maybe. I sent a letter home today with some stuff in it. You will like it. That might help fill your picture craving a little.

5. Did you get our package this week?
5.Yes! You are the best! I love the pj's and I can’t wait to open the presents. Also, the cookies were exactly what I needed for the season!

6.  What time will you be calling us on Christmas Day???!!!
6. So the plan is to have Christmas dinner with the Glovers from 5-7 our time. So, we will have them call you/text you or something to let you know the exact time. But around then is when we are planning.

This week has been a little slower but still good. We had Kunza's baptism on Saturday and that was great! The ward really took charge and did an awesome job at planning and getting everything ready for it. It was the easiest baptism I have ever attended on my mission. The only thing we had to do was be there and fill the font. It was great! Her family are all nonmembers except her dad who has not been active for 30+ years. So, this has been a great change for their family. They have really seen the blessings come from it. I hope the rest of their hearts will be softened soon and they will want to join as well. Kunza is 12 years old and is so cool! Her Uncle from Moses Lake baptized her. Everything went smooth except the water was GREEN! Like what the heck! But it was all good.

We got transfer calls today and my companion and I will be staying! Yah! But there are some changes. We will be getting a third companion! Cool right?! His name is Elder Roberts and he has very high functioning autism. So, we will be having him with us in my first trypanionship! It will be a blast! There are also some changes in the wards we serve in, in who covers what wards but we will figure it out later.

Well I love ya and hope you have a great week leading up to Christmas! Love you!

-Elder St. John

Monday December 11, 2017 Pullman, WA

Hey mom!

1. How cold has it been for you this week?
1. It’s been like 20's and 30's but no snow.

2. Do you know where you get to call us from on Christmas?
2. Yes from some members in the ward named the Glovers.

3. Do you still use your little grill? How about your pull up bar?
3. Yes, and yes!

4. Did you get to go back to the St. Clair house this week?
4. Not yet. They are out of town for the holidays

5. Did you get to listen to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional last Sunday?
5. Yes, it was really good.

This week was good. We had zone conference on Wednesday and that was a ton of work and a lot of prep. But it was really good and I learned a ton.

There isn’t much to update on but that we had a normal work week with not too many distractions. And I really have no exciting news or stories.

The work will push forward and we will continue to teach and find. We had a ward Christmas party on Saturday and that was fun. We had a great time meeting the members and such.

This week will be good and we will work hard.

Well I hope you all have a great week and have the spirit with you.

-Elder St. John

P.S. I got the package with the stocking and stuff. And the Christmas tree! Thank you so much.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday December 4, 2017 Pullman, WA

Hi mom!

1. What are the names of the other Elder's in your apartment?
1. Elders Welch and Williams.

2. Are you liking living in the 4 man? Or do you prefer to live with just a companion?
2. It has its ups and downs. I don’t know…it’s fun but more work.

3. Did you get any mail from us this week?
3. Yes! I got the late Thanksgiving package with the pumpkin bars. Thanks so much! 

4. When did you feel the happiest this week?
4. Ummm that’s a hard one. I don’t think I was ever really sad this week. But it was pretty great when we were trackting and a family let us in!

This week was great! We worked hard and tried our best. We were able to teach a couple of great lessons to our investigators and work through our members in trying to find more people to teach.

The Light the World thing has been so great for helping us find people. It makes it so easy to strike up a conversation with random people on the street. I hope you all are trying your best to do the ideas of service that they came out with for this month. Watch the videos and read the scriptures with them. They will help the Spirit be with you stronger.

This week we were trackting in some wealthy neighborhoods and the very last door on the street was a family that has the last name of St. Claire, weird, right? Like who has a name with a period and a space in it…weirdo's. Ha! But we knocked and talked to the wife while the husband pulled up. They were so nice and let us in we shared the Light the World video with them and offered to come back and teach them about Jesus Christ and what we believe. They told us we could come back! It was so great. I’ll keep you posted on if they go anywhere or not. But I just love the fact that even the rich are prepared for the gospel. It is for everyone!

I have one request. My companion and I would love some matching Christmas pj's. Like the classic ones that have Christmassy things on them. That would be wonderful. You’re the best. Love you!

-Elder St. John

 Mission Leadership Council this week.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday November 27, 2017 Pullman, WA

Hello hello!

1. How was your Thanksgiving? We got sent a couple of pictures. Looks like you might have had to eat a lot of food!
1. It was really good. And very busy! And yes lots of food

2. Do you proselyte on WSU's campus, or just in the Moscow wards?
2. So neither. There are 3 family wards in Pullman. We cover the two that do not cover the campus. 

3. Do you really live "on campus?" If so, I'd like to see a picture of the campus! And the outside of your building!
3. Pretty much yes. We live like .2 miles off of campus I guess. It’s all on a big hill, so I will do my best for the pictures.

4. What is your mission's plan for the Christmas initiative? Do you get cards to pass out, etc.
4. No set plans yet. But yes, we have cards and of course the videos to show people.

This week has been good. We started off the week by going to a doctor’s appointment for Elder Horman in Spokane and picked up some Krispy Kreme’s for the 4 man. Then we had somewhat of a normal day and then we had Thanksgiving. We had some awesome members take good care of us and we had a lot of food. There was no throwing up, just stomach aches and that was about it. We had a great time and stayed busy.

The rest of the week was work work work. Even though it was a little slower because people were out of town we still ended up getting things done and trying our best to find people to teach. We have been focusing on the work in our Sunnyside ward and trying to find investigators there. We had a good week and will hopefully have an even better one this week.

We have mlc tomorrow and hopefully we will receive some news about upcoming things in the mission and receive some good training. We have also been working with our investigator Kunza who is on date for baptism. They are going through some hard trials. I am so grateful for the blessings of the gospel. It has changed my life and I would not be the same person without it. It can change your life if you let it. Love you all and thank you for your prayers!

-Elder St. John