Thursday, March 15, 2018

Monday March 12, 2018 Pullman, WA

1. How was the temple?
1. It was great! Rainy that day, but it was a good trip.

2. How's your new investigator Marie?
2. Well she went out of town for a couple weeks so we haven’t met with her yet.

3. Jesse?
3. He is doing good. Still working towards baptism in August and overcoming addictions.

4. Which friends are you still in contact with? Hadlie says your friend Heather got home this week!
4. Yeah she did! And I still email Logan and Thomas, and Erika and every once in a while Abbey and Tessa. Logan’s mom. That’s mainly it though.

5. Can you send us another video?
5. I’ll think about it.

This week was nuts!!! It was just as busy as I thought it would be. We had mlc on Tuesday and a really busy proselyting day on Wednesday. Then temple trip on Thursday and district meeting Friday. Weekly planning and exchanges on Saturday! So it was a crazy week, but we saw a couple way cool miracles!

When we were on exchanges we found a new investigator! Her name is Peggy. We do this Bible study thing on Saturdays at the old people’s home and it’s kinda fun. She was the only one that showed up and we just came in with our Bibles not expecting to share a Book of Mormon because you know, Bible study. So we read the Bible and then she started asking a bunch of questions and stuff and we were basically answering them straight from 2 Nephi chapter 2. It was crazy but someone (we don’t know who) had just left a Book of Mormon on the table just randomly. So we gave it to her and asked if we could come and teach her more and she was so excited it was sweet!

But that’s pretty much my week. Transfers are this Thursday and I’m pretty sure I’m staying but I’ll let you know when I find out.

Well love ya - bye!!!
 Me & Elder Nelson
 Mission Leadership 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Monday March 5, 2018 Pullman, WA

 1. If you had to pick a highlight of your week what would it be?

1. We got a new investigator this week. I’ll update below.

2. What is your favorite scripture right now?
2. I really like the book of Ether right now. Chapter 6 is good. And chapter 3 is super good too.

3. What was the best thing you studied this week?
3. I’ve been reading Jesus the Christ and its super good. There is a ton of stuff in there that gives you new perspective on the life of Christ.

4. What was the best thing you ate this week?
4. We ate at this pizza place called Selas it’s super good. 

So update this week. We found a new investigator!!! Her name is Marie. She used to teach French at the college. We found her on Saturday and then taught her on Tuesday and she is super solid. I hope she can feel the spirit teach her that our message is true.

Jesse is doing good again. He was sick last week but this week we met with him and he came to church. He is doing great.

This next week will be super busy. We have mlc tomorrow and a temple trip on Thursday and district meeting and then appointments with investigators and exchanges mixed somewhere in there. So it will be a nice busy week.

But that’s about it. Well I love ya and hope you have a good week.

Also I got a package from Grandma Bonnie this week. Please tell her a big thank you for me! And I got the protein powder yesterday. That is much appreciated also. Thanks!

Monday February 26, 2018 Pullman, WA

1. In this area do a lot of people own dogs? 
1. I would say a normal amount of people do. 

2. Do a lot of people have farm land or bigger property for fields?
2. No not really. There’s a lot of farm land that we are surrounded by but we mostly just work straight neighborhoods.

3. Are you running low on anything we need to send you...Proactiv? Special snacks? Protein powder, etc?
3. Well I stopped using Proactive like 8 months ago. and I’m really good on food. But protein powder is something I could use! Vanilla would be great! You’re the best!

4. What's something that made you laugh this week?
4. So this week just randomly while elder Roberts was in the bathroom we made dummies out of our clothes and hid from him and that was super funny. Don’t worry, he thought it was fun. 

5. What was your most frustrating moment from the week?
5. Just that Jesse’s lesson fell through. I don’t get frustrated too much.

6. When are your next transfers?
6. March 15th.

Well this week was kinda slower kinda not.  I don’t know, it was just a normal week. We worked hard and did our best. Had a couple of lessons fall through but that’s just another day in life of a missionary.

We have been going out on splits on Saturday mornings with some of the elders in our ward. We have seen miracles from it too. This last Saturday we went out in the snow for an hour and it turned out way good! We found 2 new people to teach in one hour and so that was sweet. One of them just straight up told us that she’s always wanted to learn from us, so that’s really cool and never happens.

That’s pretty much my week. Nothing too exciting. Well, hope you have a good week! Love ya!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Monday February 19, 2018 Pullman, WA

1. Do you email Logan? Has he told you when he's coming home?
1. Yes, I email Logan. He hasn’t told me when he comes home. Do you know?

2. You mentioned having long Sundays in your last email. What extra meetings do you have besides Ward Council? Do you go to that every week?
2. So yeah we have 2 wards to go to so that takes us from 9:00am to 3:30pm. Then add on ward council to the morning and then we usually teach a lesson to the Tolman’s after church. We don’t leave until 4:30 usually and then if we have members feeding us we don’t even have time for studies until like 6 or later. So it just makes for a long day.

3. How are the members doing in helping your work along?
3. Depends on the members but some are really good. They are all willing to help though.

4. Did you get our package? 
4. Yes! thank you so much! It was a great boost for the week!

5. Do you cook for yourselves at all in this area? What are your specialties these days?
5. Most of the time we get fed dinners. We mostly just cook breakfast and lunch for ourselves. I haven’t been making anything super fancy. Just eggs and protein shakes in the morning like usual.

6. How's your investigator Jesse this week?
6. I’ll update you down below.

So this week has been crazy! There wasn’t really even anything too big or different that happened it was just really busy with normal stuff for some reason. On Tuesday we had zone conference and that was a busy day but it went good. We also had Stake coordination meeting that night so it was another long day. The rest of the week was just filled with lots of missionary work and appointments. It was a really good week. We were able to meet with a lot of people that we hadn’t met with in a while.

Jesse is doing good. He has hit a couple bumps in the road but he is still progressing. I do hope he can overcome the trials and temptations that are being thrown at him. We set a goal with him that he would be able to be baptized in August. That’s quite a while out but he will need the time to get there. He has made so much progress though. I sure hope he can push through.

That’s pretty much my update for the week. 

Also, it made me laugh so much when you were talking about River’s concert thing. It doesn’t surprise me at all that she is still into dumb music. I’ll have to put my sisters in line when I get back. You know, teach em’ a lesson or two. Specifically, about music and clothing. But it will have to wait for now. Thanks for the update mom! Love ya! 

Monday February 12, 2018 Pullman, WA

Hi Mom!
1. What would you say your average temperatures have been there in Pullman?
1. Probably 35-45, but this week has been a little cooler. 

2. How much walking vs. driving do you do? And are you ever on your bikes?
2. We drive a lot. And walk a little. I haven’t ridden my bike in this area at all.

3. Have you done anything fun on a Pday there?
3. No.

4. What made you the happiest this week?
4. Going to Outback after mlc in Spokane.

5. We LOVED your toothbrush video! Can you send us more videos?
5. I’ll think about it.

Well this week was a decent normal-ish week. We had mlc on Tuesday and went to Outback for dinner. Yes, I said Outback like Outback Steakhouse. Elder Horman had 50$ in gift cards that he was dying to use so we helped him out and went to Outback and he bought us dinner. It was great. Then the rest of the week was normal missionary work stuff.

We went to ARP on Tuesday. So ARP stands for Addiction Recovery Program. It is something put on by the church and is super good. It helps a lot of people overcome addictions to almost anything. Drugs or pornography or even addictions to food! It’s a good program though and they have a good size group here in Moscow. Then we taught Jesse on Thursday and taught the Tolman’s on Sunday.

Sundays are long days for us. We have 7 hours of church and then we usually teach a lesson right after so it ends up being 8-9 hours at the church building and then we usually have a member dinner that night. It leaves us about 2hrs to do anything else which usually includes our studies. But if we have something we need to get done like last night then we don’t get all our studies in. So it’s always an adventure on Sundays.

Well this next week we have zone conference again on Tuesday and that is here in Moscow. The rest of the week is just a normal week. So wish me luck!

Also, it kinda hit me the other day when the mission office called me and asked if I needed to move my going home date because they have to order plane tickets six months in advance. So, my time is wearing thin I guess. I still feel like I have a while. But what are your plans for me coming home? Also I was thinking when I get home and head off to college what the driving situation would be? Are you just going to ship me up there? Who knows if the Corolla will make it and plus Hadlie needs a car for high school. Maybe there’s something we can work out. Or what was your plan for that?

Well I hope you have a good week love ya! 

Ford Focus RS. Super unique car. It's all wheel drive and turbo. Pretty cool. 
Cool BMW
Us at Outback
A super cool moto

Friday, February 9, 2018

Monday February 5, 2018 Pullman, WA

1. It's Super Bowl Sunday today - did you even know that?
1. Yes I knew it was super bowl day!

2. Regarding your new phone - can you take pictures with it?
2. Absolutely yes. That would be kind of silly if we couldn’t. 

3. Also regarding your new phone - can you read emails on it? If so, can you read emails whenever they come in, or not?
3. Yes we can receive emails throughout the week and read them. We still only can respond on Mondays though.

4. Did anything funny happen this week? Tell us about it!
4. Well Elder Roberts definitely keeps us on our toes. He loves to do his shadow puppet dog and to show off to the members and say his funny jokes all the time. One example of his favorite joke is "Why... is there... a cactus.... a cactus snake.... in our toilet!?!" It doesn’t make much sense but it is hilarious to him.

So for this week we had transfers and I think I said before maybe but we are staying here in a trio. It’s been really good for Elder Roberts to be here. He takes a little more work to take care of but it helps us focus more on the work. He has been a little neglected for the past little while so it’s been good to work through some things with him and help him out. It has been a great blessing to Elder Horman and me.

This week we had the chance to teach our investigator Jesse again. He is doing fantastic!!! It has been so cool to see the spirit work in his life. He has some stuff he has to work through so we are going to ARP with him on Tuesday.

This first week of the transfer will be interesting. We will have MLC on Tuesday and then we have interviews on Friday. So it will be a busy week. Well I hope you know I’m growing and changing a lot. The spirit has an interesting way of telling you what you need to change in your life. Change is a process and it goes step by step, little by little. I’m grateful for the ability to change and become new through Christ.

Love Ya!!!!
-Elder St. John

Monday, January 29, 2018

Monday January 29, 2018 Pullman, WA

1. Do you have a picture of your new phone you can send us?
1. Yes I will send them.

2. Can you tell us what you get to use your phone for?
2. So at the moment we don’t use them for too much. We are working on putting the whole area book into a digital format, so we have to put every record ever in our area in by hand. That is taking forever but that’s the first step. Next we can do most everything a normal smart phone can. We can have skype lessons and show videos and other random stuff like that. We’re still figuring things out though.

3. Did your companion ever get his phone?
3. Yes both of my comps have them now.

4. When are your next transfers?
4. Transfers are this week! We got the email today that all 3 of us are staying! Woo!!

This week has been good. We have been workin our tails off to try and find a new investigator in the Sunnyside ward and for the last 3 months we have had nothing. So this last Sunday we decided to fast to find someone and we saw a miracle! We had a member call us on Thursday and told us she had found us somebody to teach! He is a 17 year old kid named Jay and he has a ton of questions but he has awesome members that are helping him along. I hope he will start to progress and that we will see more miracles in Sunnyside ward.

Besides that there hasn’t been too much going on this week. Our investigator Jesse hit a rough patch at work and stuff so there will be a couple hurdles to jump over in the near future but we will make it happen.

Well love you all. Hope you have a good week!

-Elder St. John