Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Monday May 22, 2017 Millwood, WA

Hey mom.
1.How are you doing this week?
1. Good

2.When are your next transfers?
2. Tomorrow 

3.Did you get Cass's wedding announcement?
3. Yes

4.What was the best thing that you did this week?
4. Had a training by another general authority. 

This week was interesting. On Friday we had a really long training by Elder Golden from the missionary department. He did a really good job and shared some really good insights with us about missionary work. How to set goals better and such. But by the end of the training Elder McKnight’s hearing aids had died! So he was deaf for the rest of the day. Thank the heavens that I know sign language! It was really interesting and funny because I had to do all the talking at the places we went that day.

So the news with transfers is that I’m getting transferred!!! I know feels like I just got here. But I’m going back to the boons! I’m getting transferred to St. Maries Idaho! That's near lake Coeur d’Alene. I hear that it will be really beautiful there. But the best news of all is that I will be driving a brand new Toyota Tacoma!!!! Like really new like 2017 new. It’s great. This area is almost as big as Kamiah so I’m super excited to go back to the backwoods Idaho people I’ve missed so much. My new companion will be Elder Horn. I’ll update you more next week. But besides that, this week has been full of ups and downs.

Well I hope things are going good there I know Hadlie and River are excited to be out of school. And all the wedding stuff I’m sure is stressful and fun but I hope you have a good week. I miss you and love ya!

-Elder St. John

These pictures were sent to us by the sweet Christensen family on Elder St. John and Elder McKnight's last day together in Millwood. I know Elder St. John will miss being in their great home. They've been a favorite family & have been so sweet to him! Thanks Christensen's!
After the training by Elder Golden. Elder St. John is in the far right hand corner.

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