Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday June 5, 2017 St. Maries, ID

Monday June 5, 2017
1. What was the most fun thing you did this week?
1.The most fun thing we did this week was probably tracting out a small town in one day. That was pretty fun. Also, we went to the Idaho Falls temple re dedication on Sunday. All fun things.
2. What was your most spiritual experience you had this week?
2. Well this week we went to a little town called Harrison to do some service and then we ate lunch and we just decided to get some ice cream from the ice cream shop. There was this 16 year old kid working there so we struck up a conversation with him and ended up talking to him for like an hour and half. Ends up that his dad is the pastor of the town’s Baptist church and he was really nice and open to us. Not super willing to change yet but we have a good start. It was just cool to see that the Spirit will guide you to those who are being prepared even when you don’t recognize that the Spirit is talking to you. Also, the knowledge that the gospel is for anyone helped because it didn’t turn us away when he said that his dad was a preacher. 
3. Tell us about at least one person you're teaching.
3. So one person that is progressing is Audrey. She’s in her 30's and has two little boys and is a single mom. She is sooo close to baptism I can tell. Her hang up is that she is just waiting to have a spiritual confirmation that it’s true. But really she just need to open her eyes to the answers that are already right in front of her. 
Well my week was good. The weather has been up and down. Rainy and 50's to sunny and 80's but I can’t wait for it to be nice and warm consistently. Nothing too new. Just working hard. The work was a little slow over Memorial Day weekend but it’s started to pick back up.
We tracted out the little town of Caulder in one day. We found one or two potential investigators but nothing major. We are trying to do more work on the outer edges of our area because the town of St. Maries has been hit like 3 million times. So we've been trying to work some other little places first. It’s been going good. We have had people tell us that they have never seen missionaries in their town until us so it’s been an adventure.
My ward mission leader here is amazing. His name is Brother Bryce and he’s a temple sealer as well (he’s kinda like Grandpa Mark). I love him! He takes good care of us.
We have a fun thing planned today. We’re doing this sweet bike ride that takes us over a bridge over the lake so it should be really cool. Well love ya! Talk to ya next week!
-Elder St.John


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