Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Monday June 26, 2017 St. Maries, ID

1. It looks like you maybe had a zone conference or something's this week. Tell us about that.
1. Yes, we did. It was good. We learned a lot about the pre earth life and the need for the fall of Adam and Eve. Everything tied back to our purpose as missionaries. Pres. Dymock was the seminary institute director at usu, so he is crazy smart and loves to blow our mind with the things he teaches. It’s always good to hear from him. He makes us think really hard.

2. How far do you have to travel to go to meetings like that?
2. We drive about an hour to an hour and a half.

3. Did you do service at the thrift shop this week?
3. We tried but they didn’t have anything for us to do.

4. How was your temple trip last week? How far are you from the temple?
4. It was great. It took a big chunk of our day out but it was worth it.

Well this update won’t be too long. We had our temple day on Tuesday and zone conference on Thursday and then a ward bbq on Saturday. Then we went back up to Coeur d’Alene on Sunday to practice for a missionary musical fireside thing that we will be doing. It will be pretty good. It just takes a lot of time to get up there and also a lot of miles we could use for missionary work. But it will be good. They’re having Claire Ryann Crosby come to perform for us (if you don’t know who that is it’s the little girl that sings the Gethsemane song on YouTube.) It’s turned into a big deal I guess.

This week should be more full of work because we don’t have a bunch of meetings to go to. Like I said, we learned a lot at zone conference and it was a really good spiritual experience. We learned the need for the atonement as well. It’s too hard to explain all that we learned because there’s just way too much to even try to explain, but it was good.

I’ve learned something while I’ve been out here. It’s something that God has been trying to get me to learn since day one and that is that the Gospel is for everyone. And I mean everyone! The rich and the poor. The parents and the kids. The druggies and the doctors. It is for everyone. We cannot judge by looks or personality. They are all God’s children and we have a right and a duty to give them the most important thing, the Gospel. It would be selfish and prideful to not share what we have so freely been given. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that when I talk to the homeless people on the street or when I knock on the door of a really wealthy person. But this Gospel is for everyone and I have gained a testimony of that while I’ve been here on a mission.

Well I hope you have a good week and that you’re having fun! Love ya!

-Elder St. John 

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