Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday October 31, 2016 Kamiah, ID

Happy Halloween!!!!
Mom’s questions in red…

1. How is Elder Stoddard's finger?
1. Elder Stoddard’s finger is doing alright. He has to wear a huge splint thing for 3 weeks and it bothers him, but he’s doing ok.

2. Do you know if the doctor who did the surgery knew about missionaries? Did he say anything?
2. Yeah he knew a little about us. But he was Jewish and was very focused on the surgery.

3. We know that you are in/near an Indian reservation - do you ever get to see the part of the reservation that the Indian's actually live on?
3. So sort of. There’s a few native housing neighborhoods, but there never really great to work in because they’re never home and they have their own church.

4. Do most of the people in your town know/recognize the missionaries? Are they nice to you?
4. Yeah pretty much everyone thinks they know what we do. Mostly they are nice and will talk with us. We don’t get a lot of time to just walk around and talk to people because we’re so spread out.

5. What was the best thing you ate this week?
5. Not really anything. We had some decent chicken and rice but that’s about it. I did make myself an awesome burrito with rice and chicken and beans. It was really good.

6. What are your mission rules for Halloween tomorrow?
6. So today is just pday but we have to work for 3 hours sometime and be in by dark. So we did laundry and now emailing and then we will go and work for a while, then hang out at home. (lame).

Well besides Monday, this week has been normalish. We had transfer day Tuesday and had all that craziness going on helping Lewiston clean their apartment. We didn’t get much work done because we weren't in our area.

But Wednesday we had a good day and got some things done. Thursday was mostly just missionary work but we had to drive back to Lewiston and sleep there because Elder Stoddard had to go to a new leadership training meeting. So we met some other missionaries in Moscow and I stayed there while Elder Stoddard went to Spokane. I had a good day there and trackted a bunch which was fun because I don’t get to do much of that here.

Friday was a normal day and Saturday was awesome because we had a baptismal interview in the morning and a baptism in the afternoon. I’ll send pics. Super fun day and really rewarding and looking forward to this Saturday for another one. Well that’s my week here. Hopefully things slow down a bit so I can stay in my area for a week. But Friday we have zone training so doesn’t look like my wish will come true. Also I’ve been studying in the Book of Mormon every day and my testimony of it has really grown. I can see now why it’s so important to us and to missionary work.

-Elder St. John
 ​Just us missionaries - going to drop our new album and call our band Celestial Way.
 Yes I have my own church.
 This little dog is a tea cup dog. I thought Hadlie would like that.
  This thing is called a whirligig just thought you should know.

  Debbie at her baptism

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