Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Monday October 24, 2016 Kamiah, ID

Well here we go! This email should be interesting.

So the beginning of this week was normal. Just the usual missionary work. But then on Friday we had exchanges so I went to Grangeville with Elder Fogle. He’s home now, it was his last 2 days in the mission. He’s interesting but really awesome. So that was good. Then on Sunday we had to go pick up Elder Goodwin from Grangeville because his companion Elder Fogle left. So we went to pick him up and slept in Grangeville.

He is getting swept out and sister missionaries are coming into Grangeville so that's a change! My companion will be district leader now, so that should be fun. So that's the news with transfers. Elder Stoddard and I are staying but we’re getting a new set of sisters.

So here comes the craziness of today. We were helping Elder Goodwin pack up and clean his apartment. And there was an incident. We had this pocket knife and we were helping him pack. Elder Stoddard decided to grab the blade and slice his finger open! Not fun! So he severed his tendon in his left middle finger. Of course the one time I need my first aid kit it’s in the other apartment. But we called the medical missionary leader and told her and headed to the clinic in Grangeville. They told us that he would have to go get surgery to fix it in Lewiston so we drove up to Lewiston. He got a pretty cool surgery done to his finger and the doctor let me watch the whole thing! So that's why I’m emailing so late. Thank heavens for my calmness when people get hurt because he passed out and started seizing and it was very crazy, but it really wasn't as bad as it sounds.

Well that's been my week and now I’m here emailing in Lewiston. Thanks for all your emails! It’s been a really weird week for me but I got to hang out in a hospital and watch a surgery for pday so that was awesome!

Answers to mom’s questions..

1. How are your investigators? Did you see them this week?
1. My investigators are amazing! We try to see them often. I’ve seen the two on date for baptism this week and the other ones not so much. But they are all super awesome except when they are flaky and have appointments fall through.

2. What kind of things do you do for exercise? Do you ever want to get up early and exercise for longer?
2. Thomas and I have shared some workout stuff. I mostly do like a set of pushups, dips, burpees and other stuff routine because working out at 6:30 for me is super hard. I’m used to working out later and for as long as I want. So doing it in the morning is hard. I haven’t woken up early for it because I can get a good workout in. Just getting motivated is the hardest part. Also I don't have a pull up bar here so that's pretty much the worst.

3. Do you go to bed by 10:30? Is that hard?
3. Yeah I get to bed on time most nights. Pretty much all of them unless we sleep at other missionaries’ places. Then it’s harder.

4. On Sundays which meetings do you attend for each ward? Do you have to pick and choose or do you just go to everything?
4. We attend sacrament of one ward and then sacrament of the other. Then gospel principles and priesthood. So just one extra sacrament.

Love you guys!
-Elder St. John

(I didn't get pictures of his finger and I’m soooo mad.)

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