Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Monday October 10, 2016 Kamiah, ID

(Mom’s questions in red)
Ok questions first.

1. How was your week? Particularly the training you went to in Spokane.
1.The week was good, a lot of driving and meetings and that kind of bums me out because I’d rather stay in my area and work.

2. Was the training just a one-day thing?
2. Yes just one day but we had zone training on Friday too.

3. How is Spokane compared to where you are serving?
3. Spokane reminds me of Salt Lake a little but more spread out. My area is like Spanish Fork Main Street and that’s it. Nothing else, just the main street.

4. Have you had to get a haircut yet? Where do you do that?
4. I’m getting one tomorrow and we will see how it goes. At a members house out in the middle of nowhere.

5. Where do you do your laundry? How's that going?
5. We do our laundry at a member’s house and its going well. My clothes are still nice. We go do stuff like shop or e mail while we wait for our laundry.

6. When/where will you be able to get a coat?
6. There’s nowhere to get a coat here. If I stay in this area, I’ll probably need you to send me one or something. But I’ll keep you updated. I might not need one for another little while.

7. Did you get our Amazon package and a letter with recipe ideas from me? How are the meals going?
7. I did! that was weird. I asked for healthy ideas and got a grill and a bunch of rice! Haha you guys are awesome! The meals have been going much better since I decided to eat healthy. I eat lots of salad (taking after my herbivore father). I made a grilled cheese and I’m marinating chicken right now.

8. When you eat with members what's a typical meal like?
8. So think of what you would make for the missionaries and then make it a little bit unhealthier and that’s what I have. So pretty normal stuff. But always a dessert. So it’s alright.

9. How do you pronounce your mission president's last name?

10. Is it hard to budget for healthy food with how much $ you get?
10. It’s a little hard mostly because our grocery store doesn't have a whole lot of stuff. But I’ve been doing alright. I can afford my oj so I guess I’m killing it.

So my week has been scattered a little bit but it’s been good. We spent all of Wednesday and Friday in a church talking. But I learned a lot. We have been mostly working with our 2 investigators that are on date for baptism. And that’s been good. They’re both super strong and they will make great members.

The weather here is lame. It’s always cloudy and rainy and gets dark at like 5 so knocking on people’s doors at 8 feels like the middle of the night. And they’re always scared to answer. But we still get our work done.

The bishop’s wife in one of the wards is from Spanish Fork and he’s from Springville so that’s cool. And they have a really nice house. We have been teaching this guy John and he’s really nice and a paraplegic (paralyzed from the waist down) but he has some crazy ideas that he won’t let go of so teaching him is really hard sometimes. He smokes like everyone else so I can barely breathe in his house.

Our ward mission leaders are really good here. They’re both working really hard to get the wards finding for us. We work with them a lot.

So this week my companion was cooking pot stickers and he burnt them and there was smoke everywhere and the fire alarm went off and that was really a funny moment. That’s been my week. Thanks for all the e mails and packages and things. They’re awesome. You’re awesome. 

-Elder St. John 
So yes, that's a front door. This is actually more normal than you'd think. Yes I'm serious.
Me with the grill!
 This is my apartment.
My bed is unmade so you can see the awesome sheets!

This picture of Jesus is hanging in the church and really makes me question what the members think of Jesus. I thought it was funny!
 Training meeting in Spokane.

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  1. Lovin the great reports and photos. Wish Hayden was as good at sending photos as you are! Keep up the good work.