Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday October 3, 2016 Kamiah, ID

*Note from Mom: I ask Colten a list of questions each week. This week I’ve included my questions in red and then his answers…*

Ok so to answer your questions
1. Where did you get to watch General Conference?
1. We watched General Conference at our church building. That’s pretty much it.

2. Did you get to see all the sessions?
2.I did get to see all of the sessions. Super awesome. I loved them all.

3. Which were your favorite talks?
3. My favorite talks were Pres. Nielsen’s one about joy and all of Pres. Eyring’s.

4. We saw on your mission's facebook page that you had some training meeting. Tell us about that. Did you have to travel far to go to it?
4. So yes, that training was kind of a big deal. It was the first training that included all the ward mission calling people and missionaries. It was in Lewiston, about an hour and a half away. It was really good because it was to get the ward to start working with the missionaries more. So instead of us finding and teaching and fellowshipping and retaining our investigators we are just supposed to teach. At least that’s the goal. It was also to tell us that we are here to help the ward in their missionary efforts instead of being the missionary effort. So it was super good.

5. Does it feel like you've been gone forever, or just for 5 weeks?
5. Time feels super weird here. I don’t like it. It feels like I’ve been gone forever and not very long all at the same time.

6. Can you send us a picture of you and your companion? And one of you in a sweater:)
6. I’ll work on that.

7. Have you been on any hikes yet?
7. I haven’t been on any hikes yet. I know, bummer but we walk in the mountains all the time anyway so it’s not bothering me that much.

8. In your normal week how far is the furthest you drive to visit members/referrals, etc.?
8. The furthest we drive is about 40-50 minutes out. I don’t really know the distance.

Well this week has been pretty good not too much to report on but we just continue to teach. We have stopped trying to find so much and try to go through the members more. It’s really good and we have seen the fruits of it already. This coming week I will be heading into Spokane on Wednesday for a new missionary training so I’m excited for that. I've committed my companion to help us eat healthy this week so we bought healthier foods today and I’m excited for that. But I could use some healthy dinner/meal ideas that are easy to make. It’s been a good week. It went by really fast and now I’m already half way done with my first transfer! I’ve felt the Spirit so strong this week with all the things I’ve been learning. I’ve seen how reading the Book of Mormon has really blessed our efforts. So I recommend to keep reading it as a family as much as you can. See if you can finish it by Christmas with me. There’s not too much to talk about this week. I hope I answered all your questions. Talk to you later!

-Elder St. John
(ps. I get at least 2 or 3 comments on my name a day. It’s kind of funny.)

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