Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday September 26, 2016 Kamiah, ID

Alright I’ll answer your questions first.

1. I did get your package and I was super happy about it! Thank you so much! I love the sweaters.
2. It did rain quite a bit last week but not too hard - just sprinkled for a couple of days. My clothes and shoes are fine.
3. Our truck is a 2014 Nissan Frontier. Super lame but it’s a vehicle and I can’t complain.
4. I did get my bike when I first got here. Its sweet! I like it a lot. I just have to figure out how to make the seat a little lower because I’m short.
5. We cover 2 wards because my area is huge. Sundays are crazy! Kind of like Sundays for me back home. A lot of sitting and listening. 
6. Everyone and their dog’s dog is concerned about the end of the world and the government. So they all say things like, “What do you guys think about what’s going on in the world?” And of course we can’t tell them even if we did care. But they say things like, "I think we shouldn't let anyone in our country for 5 years to clean ourselves up and then we can let people in.  
7. I’ll send some pics in a separate e mail.

Monday was p day. We did our laundry and bought food. Everything fine there. Nothing really important.

Taught 2 people who smoke a lot so I smelled like smoke the whole day. Also finally met our neighbor! Awesome guy in his 60's and loves guitars! He recently got a new one that dad will like. I’ll send a picture.

Weird day. We drove out to the middle of nowhere and knocked on some sketchy doors in the wilderness. Later had dinner in a grocery store. Yes, a grocery store and not just any grocery store. The Stites one. Stites is a town just outside of Kamiah and Kooskia, (Kooskie) but super small. Like 300 people small. The grocery store is just super ghetto. It had a bunch of empty shelves. Doctor pepper and donuts for sale and that’s it. Weird. We just sat down at a table in the entrance and had dinner. Later we decided to stop by some members who just happened to have 3 new investigators for us to teach. Two of them are on date for baptism after the first lesson. Crazy!

Not much happened. Just weekly planning and some teaching.

Taught a few lessons and set up a church tour. 

Had a church tour & it went super well. Most of our appointments fell through. Lame. But still got some good work done.

Went to both wards. Blessed the sacrament in one and went to a bunch of meetings. Normal Sunday.

Well that’s my week. Wednesday was weird. But the longer I’m out here the more I love the people. The members are so awesome and love missionary work and my testimony has grown so much and I love it! We are reading the Book of Mormon by Christmas you guys should too. And look for the tender mercies of Christ. Super cool. 
-Elder St. John

 Before leaving the MTC Alex Case and I switched jackets! (Alex is a boy from our ward. He and Colten were in the same zone in the MTC. Alex is serving in New York.)

 This is Paul. Our neighbor and his new guitar.

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