Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday September, 7, 2016 MTC

Hey guys! What’s up? They bouncy balls are a huge life saver! 

Normal day just a lot of study and reading. But I’ve learned to love it. I learned how Satan works to destroy peace with pride.

Started the day with service so we cleaned a building in a lot of ways I would never even think of. I’ve started to learn about how to teach hard investigators that won’t open up. You have to almost make them talk. It’s weird.

This was our last day teaching our first trc investigator. He was extremely quiet and never answered a question with more than 1 sentence. Which is not very fun but I learned so much from it.

Having Fast Sunday wasn’t even that bad. Everybody was complaining that they couldn’t eat. It was super fun to have a good devotional. We had maybe the coolest guy on earth talk to us. His name is Chad Lewis (ask dad who he is if you don’t know.) He was a former byu football player and nfl player and he talked about loving the people you teach and how that can help you become invested in the work. 

Normal day

Crazy day started off with learning to teach the commandments and then we had our Tuesday devotional. Elder Christofferson came to talk to us and shared a super powerful message and told us all about the atonement and repentance and how it can unlock forgiveness and many other cool things. 

Well I only have a few days left here so I won’t have another p day here to email you. But I want you to know that I love the gospel and I have learned so much in so short a time it’s crazy. I leave Tuesday morning for my mission so I’m super exited for that. Yes mom we have sheets on our beds those beds in the picture weren’t ours. I haven’t gotten your last letters yet, don’t really know why. The temple is awesome. What should I do for like a phone card in the airport? Also could you send me like one pair of basketball shorts and maybe one or two t shirts? Also can you get me bro./mr. smith’s email, bishops email, and Leslie Christensen’s email so I can respond to them! You should probably answer these questions in a dear elder letter because I won’t be able to check my email again until I leave.

Thanks - love you all 
-Elder St. John

*A couple of hours later...*
Hey so scratch the whole leaving on Tuesday thing. Just found out I leave Monday morning early. Like I report to the travel center at like 4:15 am. Anyway I found your letters! My companion had them and so I read them.
I think Cassidy would be proud of this one...
 I wanted to see what my camera could do and this is what I got...
 This is how we study. With orange cream sodas. They're only 85 cents so we get them like everyday.

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