Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday August 31, 2016 MTC

Hi guys! So Wednesday is my p day! It’s been good here. I love learning how to teach and I love the study time we get. I got your package and the letters except it was crazy hard to read the letters because you sent them all at once so they got all mixed up and half of one letter would be on one page and the other half on another. But thanks SOOO much for the stuff. I’m not really that hungry but I’ll still eat the food and I was so happy for the bouncy balls! I get so bored sometimes.

We taught our trc investigator Monday and Tuesday. His name is Andy and he’s the hardest person to talk to ever! He won’t answer questions with more than one word unless we ask him questions that really pry for answers and he seems bored all the time. But it’s good to learn how to teach people like him now so I don’t have to learn out in the field.
I DRANK THE ORANGE JUICE! It was good. I didn’t get sick at all, in fact I felt a little better. I don’t know why people say it makes you sick. I’m not so much sick of the food just missing moms cooking.

I love the devotionals! They’re so inspiring and have such good messages. On Sunday we watched a film called Character of Christ. Changed my life.

We do a ton with our district and I’m glad because they’re so awesome, fun and spiritual. It’s like a good efy trip.

So we don’t have outlets in the walls but we have air vents and we found a football!

I love the exercise time! I play volleyball in the sand mostly and my district thinks I’m crazy cuz I dive all the time even though they tell you not to.
So anyway I went to the temple today and it was very interesting. First off some random lady was standing outside the temple and asked us if we had family names and of course we said no. So she asked us in a very creepy manner if we would do hers and then mail them back to her after we were done. So I figured we would and it would be fine and it was. Next we did a session and it was great. Next we went to eat at the cafeteria and that was a great change of diet I needed. Then while we were eating a man came to us and asked if we’d help with confirmations in the baptistery and of course we said yes. So in the temple there is this man that comes every day. He is from Korea his name is Brother Lee. He does over 100 baptisms and confirmations every day. He was converted 4 months ago and since then he has done over 10000 names! Insane! We had him confirm and I thought he was speaking Korean at first he was going so fast. So we helped him do like 150 names and thanked him and now here I am writing you guys.

My district is amazing. They’re such fun guys I love them all. There’s 8 elders and 4 sisters. 2 of the elders are going to Spokane with me and the rest are going to Rochester New York! So tell dad that Alex case is in my zone, so I see him all the time. He’s really tall. You can see his whole face when he’s in the bathroom stall. haha! I’m doing good and I feel the spirit and learn something new every day. I just started reading Jesus the Christ and I love it!

 The district.
The Elder on the far left is named Elder Bennett. he's from Georgia and has the coolest voice ever. Super low and a southern drawl. He's our district leader and he's awesome. The one second from the right side is my companion Elder King.

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