Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday October 17, 2016 Kamiah, ID

Ok questions first…
Mom's questions in red...

1. I need to know your favorite scripture. For your plaque in the church.
1. The scripture I want for that is Moses 6:34

2. How'd your haircut go?
2. The haircut was alright. She didn’t know what to do with the back so I’ve been fighting the beast and have had alfalfa all week but nothing I’m not used to.

3. How did your chicken marinating go? And cooking it on the grill?
3. The chicken was awesome and so was the grill! Thanks so much! It’s really hard to eat healthy when people feed you and expect you to eat a lot. And then you only have 30 min or less to work out. So staying healthy has been really hard.

4. Do your wards there do anything for Halloween? If they have parties do you get to go?
4.So we just had a harvest festival. We helped out a bit with that so yes we are allowed to go. It was fun but made me miss our ward and going with the family.

5. Can you tell us about the two people you have on baptism date? I know you've mentioned them but remind us of their names, family situations, etc.
5. The 2 people we have on date are Debbie -she’s in her 50's and she has been taught for a couple of years. She finally brought up her own date and is so ready. Already lives all the commandments. She’s just awesome. The other one is Max. She's 16 and lives with a member family and she doesn’t really have a family. But now that she lives with the member family she does. So she’s had a rough life and is working hard to get ready for baptism.

6. I think I saw some more pictures of a zone meeting this week on the Facebook page? Did you have to travel again?
6.Yes we had zone conference in Moscow. So traveled to Lewiston the night before and slept on the floor. Then drove to Moscow. It was a good training but I don’t like sleeping on the run and traveling that much. I just want to work.

So this week has been great. Sort of. Its rained all day every day. And been pretty cold. We got to go to a zone conference and get some good training but that was like a day and a half thing. So it was really long.

We had the harvest festival on Saturday. That was a lot of work but it was worth it because some members brought their nonmember friends!

So one cool thing that happened this week was that we were at the church on Wednesday teaching a lesson and a guy named Max (yes I know, another Max) came up to the church and found us and said that he wanted to stop drinking and change his life. Crazy! So we can see how the Lord prepares people and sometimes they even find us. So I hope that turns into something good. But that’s my week. Been dreary and ominous all week. But thank heavens for waterproof shoes.

-Elder St. John

 So we found this place out in the middle of nowhere. And I mean the middle of nowhere. Its a car restoration place. They have a bunch of old cars and they restore them and they have a club with a bunch of guys who own old cars. Kinda cool. Weird that we found it.

  This is a 1974 Ford Toureno? I don't know how to spell it. But I found that when we were tracting in a trailer park. Thought it was cool. It's in super good condition. Most people just drive trucks here. So everybody's cars are really lame. Logan sees nice cars all the time so I'm jealous of that.
Elder St. John & Elder Stoddard. Zone meeting in Moscow, ID.



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