Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday November 7, 2016 Kamiah, ID

Well hi! I’m glad you got my letter. They (the Cubs) won!? No way! That’s great!

1. Tell us more about Debbie's baptism. Who baptized her? Did you have to do a lot for in preparation for the baptism? Was it well attended by your ward?
1. A member named Bro. Gourley baptized her. He is her main member fellowship. We didn’t have to do too much. Our ward mission leader is awesome and he did most of the work. It was very well attended. She had a lot of friends come! It was way fun.

2. Did you really buy a coat for $21? That seems to be what your letter indicated. Tell me more.
2. Yes, really 21$. It’s not super thick or fancy but it will work for here. It’s just a plain black more like a jacket but it’s better than a jacket. It’s good though.

So my week was good. It flew by. Nothing major happened until Friday. We went to Lewiston for zone training and that was good. Had some big announcements. They are changing things so that we will have zone conference and interviews every transfer. Usually it’s every other. So that’s some bigger news for us missionaries. Also they announced the new Christmas initiative that will be coming out on Nov 25. It’s going to be way cool. I can’t tell you about it yet because its top secret and us missionaries just got a sneak peek into it. So be looking forward to that.

On Saturday we had another baptism for Jamie (the 16-year-old if you forgot). That went well. I’ll send pics of that. Then we went with our wml (ward mission leader) to a potential’s house and got confronted by a Native American kid who thought we were evil white people and got mad at us because we were "knocking doors" on an Indian rez. He was just bitter and mean so that was interesting. Hadn’t had that happen before.

We also started teaching a former Jehovah witness named James. He’s a pretty interesting guy and has had a weird religious background. He’s interested so that’s cool. On Sunday we had an awesome lesson with a kid named Arturo. He’s 12 and is living with a member family. The only reason he hasn’t been baptized yet was because he was going to move in with his brother, but now he’s not so we put him on date for the 26th of Nov. So that’s exciting too because we had been praying really hard for his living situation to change and it did! So that’s the power of prayer for you.

Well thanks for the update. The weather was a lot better this week. Lots more sunshine.
Well that’s all I got for ya!

-Elder St. John
This is Jamie. She looks not so happy because the water was cold.
 The kids are her family the Masons. They are awesome. Crazy but awesome.
Me standing next to a dead deer. Most people just have the head laying around, but these people had the whole body. Well most of it.

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