Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday July 31, 2017 St. Maries, ID

Hey so questions first…

1. Did you get our package? I totally forgot to send a pair of jeans from your closet. I can do that this week.
1. Yes I did. Thanks for those! Also when you send some jeans send the darker ones that are 30' 30's please.

2. Any news with any investigators? When you have investigators how often do you try to meet with them?
2. Yeah we have a few that are progressing. I’ll tell you about them below. We try to meet like 2 times a week to have lessons. And have frequent contact.

3. Do you ever eat out in your little town or just always cook for yourselves? If you have eaten out, where?
3. We don’t eat out too often. Every once in a while at the Mexican restaurant.

4. How many youth does your ward have that you're serving in? Do you ever get invited to teach them or help an any activities?
4. Not very many. Just like 5 or something. We don’t do too much with them. 

Now, a couple of questions about your recent ER visit...
1. What exactly did they give/do for you in the hospital? What medicines? Did you end up getting any prescriptions?
1. Just Benadryl. It was kinda lame. 

2. Did you request that they send you the bill? If you used the insurance card I think they'll just run it through that and we'll get the bill.
2. I didn’t request anything just that I could breathe better. So we will see. They did ask for my address in St. Maries.

3. Did they have you pay any sort of co-pay?
3. Nope just asked for the insurance card.

4. Did you have to wait a long time in the ER and were they nice?
4. Not too long. We knew a member working so we got in quick and they were nice. (It’s just a bandaid hospital, they’re not super professional)

5. Were you all itchy too, or just having a hard time breathing?
5. I got super itchy on my arms and stuff. They got all puffy too. 

Well this week has been pretty good. I’m feeling fine. We got to work and teach some lessons this week which was good.

Some of our investigators we’re teaching now…one is Eric. He’s in his 40's and he is pretty awesome. He’s gone from being a "non-believer" to praying and reading all the time. It’s great. He’s not on date yet but it he will be soon. Another is named Mia. She owns a real estate company in town and is super nice. She has come to church a couple times, but we have a hard time finding time to meet with her because she's so busy with work and family which is kinda backwards but oh well. Those are just two of the people we’re teaching. Prayers for them wouldn’t hurt.

We have been loving the work here. Our bishop and ward mission leader are great. Our ward mission leader is one of my favorite people ever. We will have to stay at his house when we come up to visit. Nothing crazy happened this week. We have been working with our less active neighbors a lot lately and they are great! They are like our best friends.

I’ve really grown to love this area already and my companion. I hope I stay here for a while. Transfers are not this Sunday but the next. So, coming up. Next transfer me and Elder Jackson hit our year mark. Weird, right? I can’t believe it. It’s already halfway gone. Well, I love you and I’ll talk to ya later!

-Elder St. John

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