Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Monday July 24, 2017 St. Maries, ID

Hey mom!

1. Did you catch any more mice with your redneck mouse trap setup?
1. Yes, got another one a day or two ago. Total mice caught: 10

2. Where are the mice coming in to your apartment?
2. Probably from our creepy basement. We put our redneck trap down there and we will see what we get.

3. What size are your jeans & slacks that we need to replace?
3. 30-30's 

4. Which allergy pills work the best for you? Blue, green or purple lid on the container from Walmart or if you know the actual name.
4.The green lid ones work the best. It’s the liquid soft gels. 

5. Is your ward bbq today or did it already happen?
5. It was on Saturday but we didn’t go. I will explain down below. 

6. Any good progress with any of your investigators?
6. Yes there are a couple we’re teaching that are starting to make some changes and one is consistently coming to church. 

Well it sounds like you had quite the trek experience I hope you learned and grew stronger from the hard things you did. 

This week has been interesting. We had exchanges the beginning of the week so I spent a day in Post Falls, Idaho. That was good and I had a good time. On Thursday we had zone conference and that was really good. I always love hearing from President Dymock. He has a lot of deep and interesting things to teach us. I mostly just try to absorb as much as I can because there is so much that he teaches. This time it was a little different. He taught about planning and goal setting which is something our mission struggles with. He showed us a couple videos from the new mission president seminar. That was really cool to see what the mission presidents are being trained on. One thing that was interesting was that the quorum of the 12 is encouraging them to leave missionary companionship's together and in the same area longer. That made me excited!

Besides that we had an interesting adventure on Saturday. In the morning we went and bucked bales of hay for a guy we found out in the sticks. It turns out I have really bad hay fever. Like super bad. I don’t think it helped that I had run out of allergy pills a couple days earlier. So we threw about 140 bails onto a trailer and into his barn and by the end I could barely breath. We went home and got cleaned up but it kept getting worse and worse so I knew I was having a bad allergic reaction to it. We waited a little bit and I still was having a really hard time breathing and it was freaking me out. We didn’t have any Benadryl or inhaler or anything so we went to the ER for a little bit. They gave me some meds and let my lungs calm down in the clean hospital air. So that was quite the adventure. I found out that I’m super allergic to hay! I used our family insurance card just so you know. If I pay a bill on the credit card in the next week or so don’t be surprised. And don’t freak out because I’m all better now and things are a'okay. Well I love ya and I’m glad you had a good week. See ya later!

-Elder St. John

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