Sunday, March 12, 2017

Monday March 6, 2017 Millwood, WA

1. Where exactly do you live? Apartment, with members, etc. What's your address?
1. Well I live in an apartment and on a street called Liberty. 
8925 E. Liberty
Millwood, WA 99212

2. Who's your new companion and where's he from?
2. My new comp is named Elder Holmgren and he is from Lehi, Utah.

3. Do you get along with the new companion?
3. Yeah he’s super nice and a really hard worker.

4. How was church in a new place?
4. It was good. The Gospel is still true here too.

5. How does it seem the work is most different than Kamiah?
5. Well it’s city so everything is a lot closer so we can get more done. But people reject us more too…so yeah.

6. Bikes or car?
6. Car mostly.

Well my new area is good. It’s going to be a huge adjustment but it will be really good for me here. It’s right in the city but we have a lot of suburbs and a little bit of upper class stuff too. So, it’s all good. The members are great, but the work is a little slow right now. So, we have mostly been working on finding people and going through the members. So, wish me luck.

The disappointing thing is that the view is not that great. It’s not as pretty as Kamiah. So that’s lame. Besides that, the work will start to pick up. There is a lot of less active work here too. So yeah. I will update you more on that next week when I get more adjusted.

We drive a lot but not nearly as much as my last area. Elder Holmgren is also gluten free so I will be on an interesting diet for a while. But I’m used to it because of Thomas. So not a big deal. That’s mostly it. I’ll send some pictures hopefully.

Well thanks…love ya bye!
-Elder St. John

 Me with the awesome Stitch pen from Briggs!
 With Elder Holmgren.
 Sign with a disobedient car. Humorous.
 Funny bumper sticker.
Blurry picture of me with a bird on my shoulder. At our ward mission leaders house.
Elder St. John & Elder Holmgren at the Christensen's home. (Thanks for the picture Christensen's!)

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