Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monday February 27, 2017 Kamiah, ID

Well hi there…question & answers…
1. Do you get to see some of your recent converts at church?
1. Yeah I see them all when they come.
2. Do your wards have people assigned to help the new converts along after their baptisms?
2. Yes kind of. We have ward missionaries that help with that.
3. Any transfer news?
3. Yes
Well the time has finally come.... I’m getting transferred! I’ll be headed to Spokane tomorrow to go to my new area. I’ll be serving in the Mount Spokane Stake in the West Valley Ward! I will update you on what it looks like and my new comp next week after I meet him. So today I will be packing my things and heading out tomorrow. I will miss Kamiah dearly and the people as well. I’ve really learned a lot here and had a great time but I think it’s time to change things up a little bit. This new area will be very different than my area right now. It has a lot more city than I’ve had before so wish me luck. So maybe this next area won’t feel like I’m banished. Maybe I’ll see missionaries more than once a week. Who knows if ill like it or not.
Well this week has been pretty normal. I can see the area being prepared for the new missionary coming in so that makes me excited for the work that will take place here. We did one interesting thing this week. We went up to a town called Nez Perse. It was like 15 miles away and there isn’t much there but it was a cool drive. It felt like a ghost town there was nobody outside. But I found a store with our name on it so it was worth it!
Well I’ll update you more next week on what’s new and stuff. But that’s about it! Well love you!
-Elder St. John
  The Masons...Dad Glen, Mom Sherri, daughter Sherri, son Michael.

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