Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Monday February 13, 2017 Kamiah, ID

Hahahaha. Flash is back...I think that’s funny.

1. When do you clean your apartment?
1. On pdays.

2. Do you have things like a vacuum & broom?
2. Yeah.

3. Does anyone check on the cleanliness of your living space?
3. Yes, our ward mission leader.

4. When you go to your zone meetings do you have to get your truck checked? We saw some pictures of an older couple on your mission Facebook page that were helping with the upkeep of vehicles at zone conferences.
4. Yes every month.
(Are you worried I’m being messy?)

Things are going well here. Nothing very exciting happened this week. So nothing really new to report on. This month we’re studying baptism and it’s been really cool to look into how much symbolism is in it. It really goes to show that even the simple things of our religion can have a huge significance on our lives.

Hey I wanted to warn you. Those key fobs that go to your car are way pricy to replace so don’t ever ever! lose them! 

Well love ya. Talk to ya later bye!

-Elder St. John


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