Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Monday February 6, 2017 Kamiah, ID


1. How has the mission schedule changes affected your work this week?
1. Umm not too much it just takes a lot of stress off the everyday work. So I really like it.

2. When is your next transfer date?
2. Transfers will be at the end of February. So the 28th. I’ll probably leave.

3. If you could be transferred anywhere in your mission where would you choose?
3. I have no idea because I’ve only been here. So somewhere else.

4. Did any of your investigators make any good progress you'd like to share with us?
4. Yes! we had a baptism this Saturday and then we have one scheduled for the 15th! so yeah!

Well this week has been decent. Not many notable things happened but we had zone training on Friday and a baptism for Odell Roberts on Saturday. And also an interview for our investigator Nan Anderson. I’m super excited for both of them and they both have really changed their lives.

Umm yeah not too much else to write about. This month our mission is studying baptism and so that’s cool. I’ll tell you about that later. I totally forgot the Super Bowl was on Sunday until they mentioned it at church and then I realized that I had no idea who was even playing in it. I guess Dad didn’t care that much to keep me updated on what was happening in the NFL but that’s ok because I don’t really care either. Well my week was good. Its rainy/snowy here so wish me luck and dry socks! Bye love ya!

-Elder St. John

 The guy in the middle is Odie and guy on the right is Bro. Glenn Mason (best missionary ever - also kind of crazy)

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