Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday February 20, 2017 Kamiah, ID


We got your package this week. I'll wash your socks and keep them safe. Here's a few questions...
1. Tell us about the necklace and bracelet you sent home?
1. So those are presents from the Mason’s and I didn’t want to keep track of them here so I just threw them in the box.

2. We also noticed the little newspaper clipping you sent. Obviously you helped someone on a bridge. I'm guessing you help people often. Can you tell us about any of those times?
2. Yeah so that was funny. It was snowy and rainy and we helped a lady out of the slush. Umm I guess the most recent is that we helped our investigators Kaleb and Kayla move out of their camper and to a different camper on somebody else’s property.

3. Do you keep a journal or a weekly planner? Do you bring that along when you email us - maybe you could share some stuff about any lessons you taught this week, people you met, etc.
3. Yes I write in my journal and yes I have a weekly planner. I’ll think about it. Are my emails getting shorter? Haha.

Well this week was good. We had a baptism for a lady named Nan Anderson this Wednesday and that was awesome. She is the coolest lady ever! She had been taught everything by the missionaries like 2 years ago and then again a year ago. So she was very ready for baptism. She lives completely off the grid. No water. No electricity. Just her and her dogs and rabbits. She was a rabbit breeder for a long time. She used to have 500 of them. Her husband was a member and she promised him when he died that she would get baptized into our church. She finally kept her promise! So getting her to be baptized was crazy hard. It seemed like all the forces of hell were waging war against us poor missionaries to stop her from getting there. But we were persistent and it paid off. She is much happier now.

It’s crazy to thing about all the things that go on in peoples lives to prepare them for us. I’ve seen that over and over again. A scripture I like that can be applied to that is Alma 16:16. Look it up and then ask yourself if God is still preparing people today and then tell yourself yes! Well I hope this email was better than last time’s. Well I love you. Good luck with all the stuff you do!

-Elder St. John


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