Sunday, March 26, 2017

Monday March 20, 2017 Millwood, WA

1. Was your week any more successful than last week?
1. Yes a little bit. The work is still slow but it should be getting better. I have faith!

2. We got a message from Bro Orton saying he got word that you had dinner at one of Kellie Orton's husband's relative’s homes. David and Tiffany Hyde. That's cool. Small world.
2. Haha yeah that was funny!

3. Have you heard anything about Gonzaga's basketball success?
3. Yes a little. I’ve heard they’re doing good.

4. Have you heard anything about the new Nintendo game system? It's called the Switch. And Imagine Dragons has a new really good song out and it's on the Nintendo commercial. Makes me think of you every time it's on!
4. Yeah I’ve actually held it! Haha don’t worry I didn’t play it. The Hyde’s had one so they showed it to me.

5. Do you have your bike with you? If so you should send us a picture of it! 
5. Yes, I’ll take one this week.

Hey so thanks for the update! This week has been good. The weather warmed up just enough that we could go out and street contact to find some people to teach. We have enjoyed the weather warming up but it rains a lot here. Like way more than Utah. It’s weird.

We talked to a lot of people and had some good conversations. The coolest one was that we found a Russian lady who is old. We started talking to her and she knows like no English at all. Like zero. She was just rambling off to us in Russian and we were just smiling and nodding. So we called Elder Markov who is from Russia and asked him to talk to her and now they’re going to teach her! So that’s exciting.

So we also found out that one of our potentials Ricky lives in a crazy person place so we probably won’t teach him. Bummer.

We have really been focusing on the members and trying to get them to help us in missionary work. But the people here are very different than my last area so it’s been a struggle. Well that’s mostly been my week. I got a haircut today. Missing Brooke’s haircuts a lot! Well love ya!

-Elder St. John

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