Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday March 27, 2017 Millwood, WA

Hey to answer your questions…

1.For our ward newsletter they always ask us to put something in from our missionary. Do you have anything spiritual you'd like me to put in? Sometimes I have a hard time piecing together a little message from you seeing as you're a man of few words:)
1. Ummm I don’t know. I’ll think about it. It’s hard for me to write stuff like that when I have a lot of people to email and I don’t think about it all week until the very last moment before I email. I guess I’m just busy. But I’ll work on it.

2. Do you have a great umbrella?
2. Yeah I have a really good one. That we got at Ross or something.

3. How are your shoes holding up in all the rain?
3. Really good. The brown one’s don’t really like water but I’m in a car so it’s not that bad. 

Well this week the weather has been pretty lame. Rain, rain a little sun and then rain. This next week doesn't look too much better. So, funny thing we have a "back yard" kinda. There are squirrels that run back and forth so I decided to give them some peanuts. So now I have some squirrel friends haha.

Also on a good note we found some new investigators! That’s exciting! His name is Shebly and her name is Ulicia or something weird like that. But they are pretty cool and very humbled and ready for the gospel. It will be a very long and slow road for them but a very rewarding one as well.

So there’s this guy in a different ward who is at the same church building as our ward but he reminds me of dad. Haha. He wears a leather jacket and is about the same height, has glasses and carries the same computer thing that dad does. Made me laugh.

Well the work is starting to make a turn here. We’ve been working a lot on member trust because there is a lot of support to the missionaries but not a lot of work or action so we have been working on that. This week was good and not too much happened, just normal missionary craziness.

Pay attention to conference this week. It’s a pretty special time for us and we should really focus on the words of the prophets. Even though they might not make sense at the moment they will always show what the Lord wants for us. I have seen that all throughout time prophets have warned us of things to come and even though the people were righteous at the time they didn’t pay any attention to that and that’s where they lost their way. So listen to the prophets! They won’t lead you astray! Well I love you and miss you!

-Elder St. John 

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