Friday, April 7, 2017

Monday April 3, 2017 Millwood, WA

Well hello.

1. How was your Conference watching experience in this new area?
1. It was really good. I think Conference is easier to listen to on a mission and the speakers always seem to touch you in a different way.

2. Where did you watch conference?
2. We watched it at the church building.

3. What was your favorite talk?
3. My favorite talk was probably Pres. Eyring’s in the Priesthood session. It was really cool.

4. Gonzaga won their game on Saturday and they play North Carolilna for the championship Monday night. Is your town going crazy?
4. It’s going mildly crazy...we have to switch our p day schedule a little because people are really into it. 

So this week was a little rough lots of rain and rain and rain and poor health. But the work moves on. Not too much to update on. I loved General Conference. It really brightened up my week. We got to watch it in the church building which I am thankful for. It gives us a good environment to focus in. I learned a lot and I look forward to being able to study the talks some more when they come out.

So kinda a cool story. First we have the Marshallese elders in our district (if you don’t know what that is look up the marshal islands) but Elder Chen is the only one right now because his companion got et'd (emergency transferred) the other week. So he’s one man running it right now. So he comes with us in a trio every once in a while. On Sunday we went to go do a baptism interview for one of his investigators. Obviously I don’t know Marshallese but that’s ok. We got a translator so help out. But it was really cool. They have a very different culture. We had the interview between sessions of conference so we were there and conference was starting so we just watched it there. It was cool.

Well have fun in San Diego! How long are you there for? Don’t get sunburnt as bad as I usually do! Love ya! Have fun.

-Elder St. John

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