Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Monday April 10, 2017 Millwood, WA

Hey! Well this week has been good.

1. You mentioned poor health last week. Were you sick, or your companion, or both?
1. Yeah mostly me being sick with just weird muscle aches and stuff but I’m better now.

2. You also mentioned having to modify your p-day last week because of the big NCAA game. Gonzaga lost as I'm sure you know. How did your town react?
2. People were disappointed but nothing really that bad. They just moved on with their lives.

3. Have you been using the Easter video and cards in your work this month?
3. Yes a ton! They’re great for getting into people’s houses and sharing Christ with them.

4. Do you attend just one ward in your area now? What are your duties there?
4. Yup just one. What do you mean by duties? We just do missionary work.

Well this week was better. The weather has been the same. It snowed this morning. Super lame. It sounds like you had a good time in San Diego like always. I do miss it.

This week we had some referrals come up to us from some other missionaries and we followed up with them and it seems like at least one of them is interested so hopefully we can get the ball rolling here.

It was transfer calls last night and I found out that Elder Holmgren is leaving. He is going to Kamiah!!!! Crazy he’s going to my old area and I’m way excited for him. My next comp will come tomorrow so that’s exciting. I hope he’s a good missionary so that we can get the work going in this area. His name is Elder McNight I think. I’ll find out tomorrow.

Well that’s all that’s new. Nothing crazy. Our mission for zone training studied D&C 88 and we went really deep into stuff. I’ve never learned so much about the gospel ever! I’m really happy for all the knowledge I’m gaining out here - it’s amazing. Read the scriptures, they answer all the questions we have. Well love ya and talk to ya later!

(also I could use some more hair stuff soon please)

-Elder St. John

We received this picture from a family who fed Elder St. John and Elder Holmgren on Sunday this week. We're thankful for any texts we receive like this because Elder St. John is pretty much the worst at sending pictures.

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