Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Monday January 9, 2016 Kamiah, ID

Answers to questions…

It was good to see your baptism picture. How is he doing this week? Do you have much more contact with the new members after their baptisms?
Mike is doing good. he is still trying to find a place to live. We try to have as much contact as we can to make sure they stay members but it’s hard sometimes because things get busy and we have new people to work with.

How has your weather been this week? Anything crazy?
Nothing too bad. But yesterday we had some freezing rain so all the cars had a sheet of ice on them and the roads were pretty bad. But nothing too bad.

Did you have to travel anywhere weird this week, or were you able to mostly stay in the area?
We went to Lewiston for zone training but that was about it. 

Ok first thanks for the recipes. A member gave us some frozen catfish so I thought I’d try it out! I’ll let you know how it goes. We have all those spices so no need to send them.

This week has been a pretty uneventful week. We went to the Mason’s and they had somebody new for us to teach. His name is Odie and he’s on track to be baptized in Feb.

So in our zone training, President had a few things he thought he would ask of us. One of those things was to improve this year. He said that we can’t expect to do better just by doing things the same way. So along with that he brought up a few things our mission could change. The one that I needed to fix was my socks. He brought that up specifically so I will be sending all my fun socks home. I might need some normal black or gray socks.

Earlier this week we had lunch at the masons (yes we spend a lot of time there). They made a giant hamburger. And when I say giant I mean giant. Like 12 lb of meat giant. It was a monstrosity. I took some pictures so you can see. Elder Chamberlain ate way too much and threw up that night on the side of the road. He’s ok now so no need to worry. He just ate too much.

Well besides that transfer calls are next Sunday. But I don’t think I’m leaving. So another 6 weeks here in Kamiah! One thing our mission is doing this year is having a topic to study every month. This month is repentance and it’s been way cool to see all the different scriptural stories of repentance.

Well I hope you survive the snow there. I think it’s really funny you got stuck in the same place I did last year. It was like the same time of year too! haha! Also suggestions for the car...don’t get a Dodge or a Honda crossover ever!!!! Subaru is the best by far. The Crosstrek is the only crossover I like. But it doesn’t have more than 5 seats. I think the Forester is bigger but I’m not sure. One thing to look at would be a Nissan Rouge. those are pretty nice. My preference would be to not go for a Ford but it’s whatever you want. Good luck finding a good one. The only thing besides those that I can think of are suv's but I know those are way expensive. Well thanks for your emails! Love ya!

-Elder St. John


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